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Mother's Day Surprise

Mother's Day Surprise

Stephen Krensky
Illustrator:  Kathi Ember 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Marshall Cavendish Children's Books, 2010   ISBN: 978-0761456339

Violet is a young snake who spends her free time playing with the other animals in the forest. Usually there is someone around who is game to play with her, but when spring arrives, all the other animals are far too busy to spend time with her. At first Violet doesn’t know what all the fuss is about. Then she finally gets someone to explain what is happening. A skunk tells Violet that they are all getting ready for mother’s day. After all, “It takes time to make the perfect gift.”

Violet wants to find the perfect gift for her mother, but she has no idea what her gift should be. All the other animals are taking such care to find or make the perfect present. With no arms or legs or teeth, how can Violet give her mother something meaningful to Mother’s Day?

In this holiday picture book, the author and illustrator show young children that a present doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. So long as it comes from the heart, that is all that matters.