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More Perfect than the Moon

More Perfect than the Moon

Patricia MacLachlan
Fiction  Series
For ages 7 and up
HarperCollins, 2004   ISBN: 978-0060275587

Cassie loves to write, and she is always carrying her journal and pencil about with her so that she can note things down as she moves about her family's farm. Before her, her brother Caleb kept the family journal and before him it was the job of her sister Anna. Now she is the one who tells the story of the Witting family. Being the kind of outgoing, imaginative little girl that she is, Cassie also writes down her own thoughts and feelings.

All is well on the farm; Cassie, Caleb, Grandfather, Mama, and Papa are all busy doing their chores and taking care of things. Cassie likes thing just as they are but as is so often the case something happens to change things. It begins with Mama becoming sick and everybody getting very worried about her. The family soon learns that Mama is not ill at all. Instead, she is expecting a baby.

As far as Cassie is concerned this is a dreadful piece of news. She will no longer be the baby of the family and there will be someone in the house who will demand her Mama's attention all the time. Cassie decides that she would much rather have a lamb called Beatrice than a baby sister or brother.

Adjusting to the forthcoming change is very hard for Cassie. Then she and Mama talk about it and Mama reads about Cassie's feelings in the journal. With Mama's, Papa's, Grandfather's and Caleb's help, Cassie begins to realize that there is more than enough love to go around in her family.

There is no doubt that this author has the gift to create incredibly moving and powerful prose. Either as part of the Sarah Plain and Tall story, or on its own, this is a very special book indeed.