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More Naughty Little Sister Stories

More Naughty Little Sister Stories

Dorothy Edwards
Illustrator:   Shirley Hughes 
Fiction  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Egmont Books UK, 2002   ISBN: 978-1405202909

My naughty little sister can be, it is true, a very naughty little girl at times. But there are other times when she is very sweet and when she is kind and thoughtful towards others. For example there was time when Mrs. Cocoa Jones next door got a vacuum cleaner. Before the vacuum arrived on the scene my naughty little sister used to like helping Mrs. Cocoa Jones to clean her house but she now is afraid of the vacuum and refuses to go anywhere near it. At least she does until the time when clever Mr. Cocoa Jones tells the little girl that the vacuum, Charlie, is awfully hungry. My naughty little sister finds herself feeling very sorry for Charlie and ends up going out of her way to provide dust and other good vacuum ‘food’ for Charlie to eat.

Then there is the time when my naughty little sister gets to stand in for the milkman’s niece in the Grand Procession and Fancy Dress Parade on Grand Carnival Day. The niece was supposed to sit on the milkman’s barrow dressed up to look like a little fairy but the poor little girl gets sick and my naughty little sister is asked to take her place. When my naughty little sister wins a prize for looking so lovely and for “being so good” she decides to give the prize, a lovely doll, to the little sick niece.

Of course there are other times when my naughty little sister isn’t as good but then, if she wasn’t naughty sometimes we wouldn’t notice her good times as well now would we.

Beautifully told and lovingly illustrated, the eleven stories in this collection are perfect for reading out loud at bedtime, and fans of my naughty little sister will be delighted to share in some more of her adventures.