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Montmorency’s Revenge

Montmorency’s Revenge

Eleanor Updale
Fiction  Series
For ages 12 and up
CreateSpace, 2013   ISBN: 978-1482657623

When we last met Montmorency and his friends, they had just discovered that Montmorency's dear friend George had been cruelly murdered by an Italian anarchist. The killing was in retaliation for George's interference in the assassin's plans, and now Montmorency, George's brother Gus, and George's nephews Frank and Alexander are all eager to have their revenge on Moretti and his accomplice Marpensa. They have to be careful though for the anarchists are still dangerous and may try to harm any one of them. Cornered rats can be very vicious. 

The friends are together in Gus' Scottish home when Inspector Howard from Scotland Yard arrives. Howard is there is ask Montmorency and Frank for their help in preventing a bombing or an assassination at the funeral of Queen Victoria. The great queen is on her death bed and the authorities are determined to do what they can to make sure that none of the visiting dignitaries or royal personages are harmed by Moretti and his men.

Montmorency and his friends are happy to help but they have to do something to protect Frank. The anarchists have seen him in the past and it is important that they hide his identity. It is decided that they will have their friend Dr. Farcett pose as Frank and since Farcett is in dire need of medical help, they will tuck him away in a Scottish hospital. This will leave a well disguised Frank free to help the authorities in any way that he can.

All goes according to plan. The anarchists believe that Dr. Farcett is Frank and soon Frank and Montmorency are able to begin their search for the criminals. However, it is a frustrating business and Frank in particular gets restless. He wants to have revenge on George's killer and it isn't long before he puts his own desires before his need to protect the crown and his country. Montmorency is just as eager to get his hands on Moretti and Marpensa, and soon both Montmorency and Frank are risking their lives to have revenge on their greatest enemies.

This is a gripping continuation of the Montmorency story. Though he has come a long way, Montmorency still struggles with his own demons, and in this volume he has to try to learn not only how to keep his emotions in check, but he also has to learn how to put his responsibilities before his personal desires.