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Monsterology: The complete book of monstrous beasts

Monsterology: The complete book of monstrous beasts

Dugald A. Steer
Illustrator:   Wayne Anderson  , Jan Andrew , Helen Ward , Douglas Carrel 
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 8 and up
Candlewick Press, 2008   ISBN: 0763639400

Some time ago, Dr. Ernest Drake went on a “year-long voyage of discovery,” around the world. His mission was to find “beasts” that humans know nothing about. After his voyage was complete, the intrepid doctor put together all the information that he had gathered to create a book, this book, which he hopes will “introduce the world to the thrilling new science of monsterology.”

Dr. Drake begins his study by showing his potential students where “fabulous beasts” are to be found around the world. Then he goes on to describe the appearance, diet, and behavior of beasts of the earth, beasts of the water, beasts of the air, and semi-human beasts. Readers will find out about unicorns, the kraken, the hippogriff, fauns, and many other fantastic creatures.

These sections are followed by information about how to find fabulous beasts - many of which are very secretive and do not want to be found. Dr. Drake then goes on to provide his readers with useful spells and charms. These will aid the readers in their search and they will also help to keep readers safe.

Dr. Drake concludes his narrative by telling readers the stories of historic monsterologists who have worked hard to find out about the world’s fabulous creatures. He also discusses the work of the modern monsterologist, reminding the reader that the modern student of monsterology must work towards conserving fabulous beats as well as studying them.

Full of wonderful illustrations and numerous novelty features, this splendid title will delight readers who have an interest in “fabulous beasts.”