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Monet: Art Activity Pack

Monet: Art Activity Pack

Mila Boutan
Novelty Kit
For ages 6 to 10
Chronicle Books, 1996   ISBN: 978-0811813358

Monet is probably one of the most famous painters of all time. His work is easily recognizable and many of his pieces have been reproduced again and again for a public which cannot seem have enough of him.

Monet did something relatively new which was to do almost all his painting outdoors. His landscapes glow with color and they are painted in such a way that the trees seem to sway, the water seems to shimmer, and the people seem about to say something. In short his paintings seem to be alive with movement.

In this activity pack the reader will find a book which describes Monet’s work and which shows us how Monet created the effect of movement. There is also an excellent short biography of the man.

In the pack the author has also included an "Artists Notebook," which encourages the reader to try using some of Monet’s techniques and there is a poster which gives the reader a chance to create a Monet-like painting or drawing of her or her own.