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Molly and the night monster

Molly and the night monster

Christopher Wormell
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Random House UK, 2008   ISBN: 0224070738

Molly has woken up and she hears someone walking up the stairs towards her room. Who is coming? Is it a crocodile “creeping up to catch her?” Perhaps it is a large hippo “stepping ever so softly” towards the door. Is the night monster coming to “gobble her up?”

Molly listens and waits, and then the door starts to open. What should Molly do?

In this delightful picture book, Chris Wormell perfectly captures the magic of a vibrant imagination. With a minimal text and wonderful illustrations rendered in soft shadowy shades of blue, Wormell gives his readers an exciting and delightfully fascinating story.