Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Mole's Babies

Mole's Babies

David Bedford
Illustrator:  Rosalind Beardshaw 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Tiger Tales, 2012   ISBN: 1589251083

One day Mini the mole begins to clear out her molehill home. As she explains to her husband Morris, they need make more room because “Our babies are coming soon!” Morris is thrilled by this news, and he hurries off to get ready.

When he looks around the barnyard, Morris sees that there are babies of all kinds all over the place. They all look happy and content, and being a conscientious father-to-be, Morris does his best to see what the babies are doing that makes them so happy.

He sees that the baby bunnies are hopping in the field. Clearly “Hoppy babies are happy babies,” so Morris practices hopping. I am sorry to say that Morris isn’t much good at hopping. Next he tries flapping like the happy baby chicks are doing. Surely, if he knows how to flap, his babies will learn how to flap too and then they will be happy like the little chicks. Not surprisingly, poor Morris isn’t much good at flapping either. If he cannot hop or flap, how is he going to be able to make his babies happy?

This heartwarming picture book shows young children that there is one thing above all else that we can give to others that will make them happy. It is a very simple thing, and it does not involve being able to hop, or flap.

With a loveable main character and a delightful little story, this is a perfect title to read with children just before they go to bed at night.