Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Mister Magnolia

Mister Magnolia

Quentin Blake
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 6
Random House (UK), 2004   ISBN: 0099475650

Mister Magnolia has many talents, many friends, and he gives joy to many people. He is a generous man who makes friends with all sorts of creatures. But there is one thing that Mr. Magnolia has not got; Mister Magnolia has not get a right boot. In fact he has only one boot and this situation is certainly not an ideal one. What is the man to do when it rains? Does he have to get his poor cold foot wet?

Then something wonderful arrives for Mister Magnolia. He receives a parcel all wrapped up in pretty paper. What can possibly be inside it Mister Magnolia wonders. Who could have sent it? Could it be that some of Mister Magnolia's friends have noticed that one of his feet is bootless?

This simple yet exuberant and delightful picture book is sure to delight young children who will certainly laugh at all the things Mister Magnolia does. Young readers will be especially pleased when they see what he finds inside his parcel.

Presented here in a mini paperback format this is a perfect book to tuck into a bag for a trip.