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Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher

Missile Mouse: The Star Crusher

Jake Parker
Graphic Novel  Series
for ages 8 to 12
Scholastic, 2010   ISBN: 978-0545117159

Missile Mouse is an agent in the Galactic Security Agency (GSA), and the organization needs Missile Mouse to take on a very dangerous mission. The powers that be in the GSA have discovered that a GSA scientist has been kidnapped by the Rogue Imperium of Planets (RIP), a very organized and ruthless group of criminals. The GSA are worried that the RIP plan to build a terrible weapon called a Star Crusher, which is an artificial black hole that once caused havoc during the Galactic Wars.  The scientist has the blue print of how to make the Star Crusher in his head, and now the RIP have a compass that will lead to a source of dark plasma, the substance that is needed to make the doomsday weapon.

Soon Missile Mouse and his new partner are off to try to rescues the scientist and get to the dark plasma before the RIP find it. Missile Mouse is not happy about having a partner, but he has no choice in the matter. His behavior has been rather erratic of late, and his bosses think he needs to have someone around to keep him in line. Mighty Mouse soon discovers that having a partner is not such a bad thing after all when he has to face some truly terrifying situations.

This highly entertaining graphic novel will delight readers who enjoy science fiction stories. With plenty of action, a gripping storyline, and a colorful cast of alien characters, this graphic novel will keep the attention of young readers for a long time.