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Miss Fox's Class Goes Green

Miss Fox's Class Goes Green

Eileen Spinelli
, Illustrator:  Anne Kennedy 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 7
Albert Whitman & Company, 2009   ISBN: 080755166X

One day Miss Fox comes to school on her bicycle. Her students are very surprised. They think that perhaps Miss Fox’s car has a flat tire, but Miss Fox explains that she is “going green.” She then goes on to explain what it means to go green, and her whole class decided there and then that they too want to help to keep “our earth healthy.”

With Miss Fox’s help, all the children in the class learn what they can do to be green. They recycle, they save water and electricity, they reuse things as much as possible, and they pick up litter – among other things.

When they read this simple get charming book, children will learn that “going green” is actually very easy to do. With delightful characters, a sprinkling of humor, and plenty of easy-to-follow tips to try at home, this is a book that is both entertaining and inspiring.