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Merry Christmas, Mr. Snowman!

Merry Christmas, Mr. Snowman!

Wolfram Hanel
Illustrator:  Judith Rossell 
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2011   ISBN: 978-0735840454

It is Christmas Day, and Pip and Squeak, the mouse children, are anxiously waiting for the time when they will be able to open their presents. The waiting is so hard that the children decide to go outside and build a snowman. At least they will be busy doing something rather than sitting around waiting.

Soon the children have a lovely big snowman in the front yard. He has Squeak’s scarf around his neck, Grandpa’s old hat on his head, and a carrot for his nose. Pip and Squeak like their snowman so much that they cannot bear the idea of leaving him all alone outside. How can they go inside their home to celebrate Christmas without their new friend?

In this sweet holiday title, children will meet a pair of young mice you truly appreciate that the best thing about Christmas is sharing the celebration with others. Children will laugh when they see how the mice try to solve their snowy problem, and they will enjoy looking at Judith Rossell’s charming illustrations.