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Merry Christmas, Little Witch

Merry Christmas, Little Witch

Lieve Baeten
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
NorthSouth, 2013   ISBN: 978-0735841437

Christmas is almost here and the Lizzy the Little Witch is just about to decorate her Christmas tree when someone knocks on her door. When Lizzy opens the door she sees the that Christmas Witch standing there. The Christmas Witch has a lot to do on this cold windy night and she needs Lizzy to watch her niece Trixi for her.

   Lizzy soon learns that it is not easy to get anything done when there is a curious little witch around who wants to practice flying. Poor Lizzy wonders if she is going to get her decorating done before the Christmas Witch comes back.

   Then there is another knock at the door. The Magic Bears are standing out in the snow and they would really appreciate it if Lizzy would let them warm up for a while in her cozy little home. The bears happily keep Trixi busy so that Lizzy can finish decorating her tree.

   Then there is more knocking at Lizzy’s door. Surely the Christmas Witch is not back already? Lizzy hopes not because she hasn’t even started baking her Christmas cookies, and how can one properly celebrate Christmas if one has no cookies to give to the Christmas Witch?

   In this charming Little Witch title gorgeous illustrations are paired with a sweet story that children will surely love. On almost every double page spread there are pages that fold out to reveal delightful scenes.