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Merry Christmas, Davy

Merry Christmas, Davy

Brigitte Weninger
Illustrator:  Eve Tharlet 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
NorthSouth, 2014   ISBN: 978-0735841864

It is winter and Christmas is just around the corner. Snow lies thick on the ground but the Rabbit family members are warm and cozy in their burrow. One night Father Rabbit tells his children all about Santa Claus. The Rabbit children show their father that they understand what Santa expects of them. They need to “be good,” “help one another, “share things,” and “be kind and loving.”

The next day Davy is looking out of the window when he sees a little bird pecking at the snow. There is no food for the cold and hungry little bird or its friends. Davy decides to help the birds and he takes a bag of corn outdoors and scatters it in a place where the birds can peck it up. Davy then realizes that there are other hungry animals outdoors and he decides to help them too. He feels good about the fact that he is remembering the spirit of the season, that he is helping others.

By the time Davy’s parents and siblings come home Davy has given away a good deal of the food that the Rabbits collected for the winter months. Davy’s siblings get angry and upset with their brother when they find out what he has done. How will the Rabbits make it through the winter with less food in their pantry?

In this very warm and sweet Davy story, the little rabbit with the big heart shows us, through his actions, what Christmas is really all about. With wonderful illustrations and an engaging story, the author and illustrator take us into a woodland world where a kindness given is a kindness repaid.