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Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

Mercy Watson Goes for a Ride

Kate DiCamillo
Illustrator:  Chris Van Dusen 
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 8
Candlewick Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-0763623326

Every Saturday Mrs. Watson cooks her husband and their pet pig Mercy a splendid lunch. Every Saturday, after their gorgeous repast, Mercy and Mr. Watson like to go for a drive and of course their neighbor Eugenia Lincoln likes to make rude remarks about how inappropriate it is for pigs to be taken for drives.

On one particular Saturday all goes well in the usual way. Mr. Watson and Mercy are speeding down the road and having a splendid time. Then they discover that they have an unexpected passenger in the back seat. Baby Lincoln has decided to join them feeling sure - unlike her sour sister - that the Saturday drives must be great fun. She is determined to indulge in "some folly" and she certainly gets her wish for while Mr. Watson is talking to Baby, Mercy decides to try to drive the car herself.

So we have the pink convertible roaring down the road with a man sitting in the driver's seat. Sitting on his lap there is a large pink pig who has her trotters on the wheel. We also have the police following the car because it was speeding. Of course now, since Mercy made her move, they police have another reason to pull the car over. For, as we all know "PIGS CANNOT DRIVE CARS."

In this hilarious Mercy Watson adventure Mercy discovers that pigs really should not attempt to drive and dear sweet old Baby Lincoln has the time of her life. She certainly has enough of an adventure to last her for quite a while.

Richly illustrated throughout with wonderfully funny pictures, and written with an obvious appreciation for all things ridiculous, this chapter book will appeal to young readers who love a good yarn. It will also delight those who have a soft spot for a large pink "porcine wonder."