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Mercy Watson Fights Crime

Mercy Watson Fights Crime

Berta Hader
Fiction  Series
For ages 6 to 8
Candlewick Press, 2006   ISBN: 978-0763625900

Most nights at the Watson house are quiet and peaceful. Mercy Watson, the pig, is sung to sleep and then Mr. and Mrs. Watson go to bed themselves. On one particular night however Mercy's sleep is suddenly disturbed. What she doesn't know is that Leroy Ninker - a little man who is a thief and a wannabe cowboy - is at this moment robbing the Watson house.

Mercy hears Leroy moving the toaster and since she loves hot buttered toast she decides to go and investigate. She in convinced that someone is downstairs making toast and she is determined to be in on the act. In actual fact Leroy is stealing the toaster and when he sees Mercy watching him he feels a little nervous. But, when she sees that no toast making activities are going on Mercy decides to go to back to sleep right there on the kitchen floor and right in front of the kitchen door.

When Leroy has completed his nefarious activities he has to somehow make is way around or over the sleeping pig to get to the door and this is when the situation gets decidedly more involved.

Once again Mercy Watson has a splendid adventure and once again it is her love of toast which compels her to do what she does. Of course Mercy comes through this situation with great aplomb, as she always does.

Sprinkled with a generous helping of laugh-out-loud silliness and cleverly crafted to appeal to the young reader, this is a book which will greatly appeal to children who have a fondness for large pink porcine wonders.