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Melrose and Croc: An Adventure to Remember

Melrose and Croc: An Adventure to Remember

Emma Chichester Clark
Picture Book  Series
For ages 5 to 7
Walker Books for Young Readers, 2008   ISBN: 0802797741

Melrose the dog has decided to give his friend Croc a very special gift. They are going to stay in a villa by the sea where they are going to celebrate Croc’s birthday in style. Soon after they arrive at the villa Melrose goes to town, he borrows a boat, and he goes out to sea to do a little fishing. He is determined to catch a fish so that Croc can have a very special surprise breakfast in the morning. Melrose does not pay attention to the fact that a nasty storm is brewing over the sea.

When Melrose does not come home, Croc begins to get worried. His worry escalates when he finds out that his dear friend is out on the stormy sea in a little boat. Someone has to do something to help Melrose. Someone has to save Croc’s best friend!

In this charming picture book, readers once again get to enjoy a little interlude with Croc and Melrose, two very good friends who know how precious a true friendship is. Through the experiences of these two special animals, children will see that sometimes the best presents of all are the ones that cannot be gift wrapped.