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Meet Caroline: An American Girl (American Girls Collection)

Meet Caroline: An American Girl (American Girls Collection)

Kathleen Ernst
Illustrator:  Robert Papp , Lisa Papp 
Historical Fiction  Series
For ages 8 to 10
American Girl, 2012   ISBN: 1593698836

Caroline Abbot is thrilled because she is out on Lake Ontario with her father and her cousins, Lydia and Oliver, in the new boat that Papa built for Oliver. Oliver is sailing the boat from Sackett’s Harbor, where Papa had the sloop built in his shipyard, to Kingston in Upper Canada. They are all enjoying sailing across the lake when three longboats full of English soldiers approach the sloop, and the soldier in charge insists on boarding. He informs Papa, Caroline, Lydia, and Oliver that Great Britain and the United States are now at war and they take Papa and Oliver prisoner. They also take the sloop. Caroline and Lydia are taken to their respective homes by the British and are not harmed, but Caroline is very angry and worried. How dare the British take her father prisoner and steal the sloop that he built for Oliver.

Back in Sackett’s Harbor, Caroline’s mother and the men who work in the Abbot shipyard prepare for the trouble that they know is coming. Mrs. Abbot sets about taking charge of her husband’s business affairs, and she reassures the local military man, Lieutenant Woolsey, that she will do everything she can to help build ships for the American Navy so that the Americans can protect their interests in Lake Ontario and at sea.

More than anything, Caroline wishes that she could do more to help the cause, that she could do something to help her father, but what can a young girl do?

This is the first book in a new historical fiction series that focuses on the life of a strong girl character who is living through trying times. In this story, Caroline and her family have to cope with begin caught up in the War of 1812. Young readers will be interested to see how Caroline finds ways to help her family, and how she copes when there is a crisis.

At the back of the book the reader will find background information about the War of 1812.