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Me and My Dad!

Me and My Dad!

Alison Ritchie
Illustrator:  Alison Edgson 
Board Book
For ages 3 to 5
Tiger Tales, 2014   ISBN: 978-1589255760

Every morning a little bear cub’s father wakes it up with a nose tickle and a kiss. The bears go out exploring and the little bear knows that its father will show it all kinds of interesting things because its dad “knows where all / the best secrets will be.”

   If a storm blows in, the little bear knows it will be safe because its father will find a place for them to shelter. If it starts to rain, the bears play a game, trying to doge the raindrops so that they don’t get too wet.  When Dad goes for a swim, his little cub rides on his back and together they move through the water.

   In this charming board book we spend a day with a little bear and its father, having all kinds of adventures and then ending the day with stories and cuddles. The author and illustrator pair rhyming verse with soft, warm artwork to give children a narrative that captures the love that a father and child share.