Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

McDuff's New Friend

McDuff's New Friend

Rosemary Wells
Illustrator:   Susan Jeffers 
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Hyperion Book, 1998   ISBN: 978-0786803866

It's Christmas Eve and there is a snowstorm blowing outside. McDuff and his family are snug in their house but they are a little anxious about Santa. Is he going to be able to make it down the chimney? Is he going to be able to enjoy the cocoa and shortbread sugar snaps that they have left for him?

All is quiet and everyone is in their beds when McDuff hears a thumping noise. Being a responsible dog who knows his job, he gives a "Woof" and makes it clear that he must go outside to investigate. This involves Fred digging a dog tunnel in the snow and getting his feet wet because his galoshes have holes in them. McDuff doesn't find anything and the family settles back to sleep.

Then McDuff hears a tapping sound. The whole procedure has to be repeated and McDuff still finds nothing. Still no sign of Santa. McDuff is told "No more Woofs in the night" and he does try to do as he is told. Then he hears a squeak and he does what he has to do. "Woof!" Can it be Santa this time?

With their delightful touch of humor and obvious love of dogs and the people who love them, Rosemary Wells and Susan Jeffers have once again created a wonderful book about their loveable Westie, McDuff.