Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Melissa de la Cruz
Fiction  Series
For ages 14 and up
Hyperion , 2007   ISBN: 978-0786838936

Determined to find out whatever she can about the Silver Blood vampires who are preying on her own kind (Blue Blood vampires) Schuyler Van Alen sets off for Venice where she hopes to find the grandfather she has never met. She soon realizes that the task is going to be a difficult one. After all, Venice is a big place. But, in the end, her vampire powers help her to find Lawrence Van Alen. Unfortunately Lawrence is not interested in returning to New York. He wants to stay in exile and does not want to involve himself in the affairs of the Blue Bloods.

Back in New York Mimi Force is finding out that in this cycle of her long life she is not going to get what she wants easily. The boy that she is destined to pair with is distracted by another Blue Blood girl and Mimi begins to worry that he might even refuse to make the bond with her. Mimi is not used to not getting what she wants, and when she feels threatened she makes some very dangerous decisions that could very well cause a great deal of damage to the whole Blue Blood clan.

While Mimi tries to hold her luxurious life together, Bliss Llewellyn tries to come to terms with losing the boy who was attacked by a Silver Blood. Bliss had really cared for Dylan and she cannot bear to think that he is gone for good. And then things start to happen that make her think that perhaps Dylan is still alive.

Full of vampire lore, history, and mythology, this book picks up where the first book in this series, Blue Bloods, left off. Readers will find out a great deal about the conflict between the Blue Bloods and Silver Bloods, and they will come to appreciate how complicated this relationship is. In addition the main characters from Blue Bloods will continue to grow and expand, taking readers into the worlds of high fashion, glitz, and teen vampires.