Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Marian Anderson

Marian Anderson

Jane Suttcliffe
For ages 7 to 9
Lerner, 2008   ISBN: 0822571706

It did not take long for people to learn that little Marian Anderson had a beautiful and powerful voice. When she was only six she joined the choir in her church, and after her father died when she was twelve, Marian started to sing at neighborhood events to make a little money. By the time she was a teenager Marian was going to places away from home to sing.

Marian wanted to have a career as a concert singer. At this time - in the early 1900’s – black women had very few career opportunities and racism was widespread. None of the music schools were willing to accept Marian as a student because she was “colored.” Then Giuseppe Boghetti agreed to give Marian lessons and her journey down the road to stardom began.

This well written History Maker Bio title will give young readers an excellent picture of what Marian Anderson’s life was like. Her struggles to improve her skills, despite the obstacles that were placed in path, are highlighted, and readers will come to appreciate how remarkable this remarkable singer was.