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Man O’ War: Best Racehorse Ever

Man O’ War: Best Racehorse Ever

Jennifer McKerley
Illustrator:  Terry Widener 
For ages 6 to 8
Random House, 2005   ISBN: 978-0375831645

From very early on Man O' War was a personality. He did not like wearing a saddle and made life very difficult for the stable boys when it was time for him to be saddled. Though he was a handful, the boys and men who worked with him knew that "Big Red" was "just lively" and that he wasn't mean or dangerous. He was also always in a hurry, not interested in taking the time to do his training and always keen to be running as fast as possible.

When Man O' War was two years old he began his racing career and soon the whole country was keeping track of the doings of the great red horse who seemed to be unstoppable on the race track.

This book is perfect for any young person who is fond of horses. Enthusiasts will learn about one of the greatest horses of all time and will come to see what it might have been like live in America at a time when many people were quite simply horse mad.

This is one of the non-fiction titles in the Step into Reading series.