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Mama, I'll give you the world

Mama, I'll give you the world

Roni Schotter
Illustrator:  Susan Saelig Gallagher 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Random House, 2006   ISBN: 978-0375836121

Luisa's mother works in a hair dressing salon and every day after school Luisa goes to her mother's work place. As she does her homework Luisa watches her mother cut, color and style the hair of the customers. When her homework is finished Luisa likes to create portraits of the people who have come into Walter's World of Beauty. Luisa's mother says that "everyone in the world is a flower" and "together they make a bouquet."

Luisa's mother works very hard and she rarely smiles though Luisa tries very hard to bring a smile to her face. Luisa hopes that tonight, on the eve of Mama's birthday, things will be different because she has planned a surprise for her mama, a very special surprise. Every day Luisa's mama saves her tips for Luisa's college fund. Now Luisa wants to give Mama something, something which she hopes will take the sadness out of Mama's eyes, at least for a while.

This heart warming story shows the strength of a mother's love, and the strength of a child's love for her mother. Sometimes children feel that they are too young to be able to cheer up their parents when they are feeling down, but Luisa shows them that there is a great deal a child can do if she or he uses her or his imagination.

A beautifully lyrical text and soft inviting illustrations make this a deliciously feel-good book.