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Making the Moose Out of Life

Making the Moose Out of Life

Nicholas Oldland
Picture Book
For ages 7 and up
Kids Can Press, 2010   ISBN: 978-1554535804

There once was a moose who lived in the wild, but who did not like to do the kinds of things that his friends enjoyed doing. He did not like to go puddle jumping because it was too wet, or kite flying because it was too windy, or skiing because it was too cold. Somehow, “every now and then,” the moose got a sense that his life was missing something, but he had no idea what that something was.

Then one day Moose decided that he was going to have to “take life by the antlers if he was going to find that missing something.” So, the moose decided to go sailing. Here he was, at long last, doing something that was adventurous. Then a storm blew in and the moose ended up having a lot more of an adventure than he had planned on.

Sometimes it is all too easy to play it safe in life. If you don’t take risks then everything is predictable and easy. At the same time, if you don’t take risks you might find out that your life is missing that little something that makes life interesting.

With its wonderful illustrations and its timeless message, this is a book for readers of all ages.