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Make your own Washi Tape Stickers

Make your own Washi Tape Stickers

Anne Akers Johnson
Craft Kit
For ages 8 to 12
Klutz, 2014   ISBN: 978-0545647762

Many people love stickers because they are fun to work with and can be used to create art. They can also be stuck to just about anything to serve as embellishments. Now imagine what it would be like if a person, an artistic, craftsy person, could make their own stickers. Why, one could create images of just about anything.

Using this craft kit anyone can make their own stickers. Everything you need, except for a pair of scissors, is included in the kit. The kit contains six rolls of washi tape, a felt tip pen, backing paper and many pages of art that can be traced.

Washi tape was invented in Japan and it is rather like masking tape, only the tape itself is decorated in this case. Washi tape sticks to most surfaces, and unlike most stickers, it can also be removed. In all there are more than one hundred feet of washi tape in this kit. There is a blue roll with a white, scalloped pattern on it; a purple roll with white zigzags; a green roll with white flowers, and a yellow roll with bigger white flowers; a pink roll with white polka dots; and finally a black roll with white squiggly lines on it.

In the included book crafters will found out how to make their own washi tape stickers. The process is quite easy and directions, with annotated illustrations, show us what to do, step by step. All we need to do is trace an image on the backing paper, place the washi tape over the traced outline, cut the image out, and a sticker is made. To use the sticker all you need to do is to peel away the backing paper.

The author of the book then shows us how we can use washi stickers to make all kinds of scenes. She gives us tips and tricks so that our stickers are neat, colorful, and easy to use. She even shows us how we can layer stickers to create wonderfully rich and colorful images. The author also gives us dozens of images to trace. There are birds, animals, shapes, flowers, and more. There are even thought bubbles, medallions, and frames to trace.

Just like all the Klutz craft kits, this kit gives young crafters the tools that they need to make wonderful things. The author encourages her readers to experiment and explore, and to enjoy the gift of their own creativity.