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Maisy's Seasons

Maisy's Seasons

Lucy Cousins
Board Novelty Book  Series
For ages 2 to 5
Candlewick, 2011   ISBN: 978-0763652227

Maisy is the kind of mouse who enjoys every season fully, sharing good times with her friends and spending plenty of time outdoors. Here she is on her farm and it is spring so there are lots of baby animals about. We see her bottle feeding some lambs, but there are other young animals about. Behind a bag two little chicks eat grain that has fallen on the ground. In the tree nearby a mother bird is feeding her baby, and in the barn a horse is standing next to her foal.

   Next we spend some time with Maisy and her friends who are enjoying a lovely summer’s day at the beach. Eddie the elephant is paddling in the sea and Maisy and Tallulah are on his back. Charley the alligator is fishing and he catches all kinds of things. Including a boot!

   Fall is the next season and Maisy and her squirrel friend, Cyril, are in the garden. It is harvesting time and the two animals are busy collecting apples, and gathering up pumpkins and other vegetables.

   With flaps to lift on every spread and a wheel to turn that reveals all kinds of surprises, this wonderful Maisy mouse title celebrates the seasons, showing children that every season is full of enjoyable things to do and see.

   Maisy has been delighting children all over the world since Lucy Cousins brought to life in 1990. Since then she has appeared in books, on television, on a stamp, and she has even been presented to the Queen of England. Who knows what she will do next.