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Maisy's Nature Walk

Maisy's Nature Walk

Lucy Cousins
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 2 to 5
Candlewick, 2008   ISBN: 978-0763634568

Maisy is going on a nature walk. Let's join her, for I am sure she is going to see all kinds of wonderful things.

Here we are at the pond and there is Mrs. Duck floating on the water. What is she doing? Pull gently on her tail and she will do something new. As we walk on we see lots of flowers. As the sun touches the petals many of the flowers open up. Pull on the tab and the yellow flower does something wonderful. Can you see what is inside?

Look over here! There is a snail on the ground. Pull the tab and you can watch it slither across the ground. Can you see the ""silver trail"" that the snail leaves behind it?

In this delightful novelty book children not only get to pull tabs to see all kinds of special surprises, but they also can help Maisy find certain things in the artwork. On every spread other than the first and last, there is a bar on the side of one page with pictures of three things in it. These are the items that readers are encouraged to find in the main picture. Better still, grownups can tell their little readers about the items that they are looking for and turn their search into a discussion about nature and its marvels.

As always when it comes to the Maisy books, this title is entertaining and it can also be used as an excellent teaching tool. Grownups may find that their children might want to go on their own nature walk after they have gone on one with Maisy. Bright colors and a simple yet engaging and interactive text makes this book a perfect title for little children.