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Maisy's Christmas Presents

Maisy's Christmas Presents

Lucy Cousins
Novelty book  Series
For age 3 to 5
Candlewick Press, 2016   ISBN: 978-0763692483

Christmas is just around the corner and Maisy Mouse has gone to town to do her shopping. She has bought presents for all her friends and soon she is delivering the wrapped gifts. Maisy gives Eddie the elephant a wonderful drum, Charley the alligator gets a toy tractor, and Tallulah the chicken gets a beautiful dress-up fairy costume. Finally, Cyril the squirrel is given a fluffy bunny toy.

Of course Maisy’s friends want to get her the prefect present too, and they exchange ideas to figure out what that perfect present is going to be.

Little children are going to love this wonderful Maisy novelty book. There are tabs to pull, a wheel to spin (that allows the reader to choose Maisy’s present), and finally a surprise gift for the reader. As they explore this book children will thoroughly enjoy being able to be a part of Maisy’s holiday gift-giving tradition.