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Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Learning

Maisy's Amazing Big Book of Learning

Lucy Cousins
Novelty Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Candlewick Press, 2011   ISBN: 978-0763654818

Maisy Mouse loves to learn and we are very lucky because she has invited us to join the learning adventure that she has in this book.

   We begin by looking at numbers with Maisy, who is playing with some little yellow chicks. The numbers from one to ten are written on the page in bright colors, which we can use to practice saying our numbers. We can also answer the question that Maisy asks us: “How many chicks are there?” There is a little blue henhouse not far from Maisy. When we lift the flap on the front of the henhouse we are able to see inside where three little chicks are cheeping.

   Later on in the book we look at different kinds of weather with Maisy, who is being rained on. Thankfully she is wearing a coat and boots and she is carrying an umbrella. Maisy does not mind the rain at all, and the ducks nearby are loving it. When we lift the umbrella flap we see that there are three little chicks hiding there and they are wearing little blue rain hats. On the facing page we see pictures that show five kinds of weather and we are asked, “What kind of weather do you like?”

   Other topics explored in this book include noises, shapes, days of the week, and colors. On the last spread Maisy goes over some of the things that she has learned and she asks us what we have learned. There are over forty flaps to lift in this book, and children will be charmed by Maisy and her animal friends. Who could ask for better learning companions.