Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Magic For Sale

Magic For Sale

Carrie Clickard
Illustrator:  John Shelley 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Holiday House, 2017   ISBN: 978-0823435593

When someone double dares you to do something, you have to follow through on the dare. If you don’t you will forever after be considered a coward. So, when Georgie McQuist is double dared to go into Miss Pustula Night’s magic supplies shop, to seek out that ghost that lives there, Georgie has no choice but accept the double dare.

He sneaks into the shop, finds a hiding place, and then waits until the shop is closed for the day. When all is quiet out Georgie ventures to look for the ghost. He is looking around the shop when he accidently falls into a trap and he ends up in one of the shop’s hidden rooms.

In the darkness something touches his arm. “It’s a ghost!” and “Run awaaayyyyyy!” a voice yells in terror, which is funny because the owner of the voice is the ghost Georgie is seeking. The ghost explains that it is being punished for misbehaving, and its penance is that it will have to stay locked up until it has managed to “count every last treasure and tomb.” Unfortunately, the ghost is not very good at making lists and so it fears that it will never get out of its prison. Georgie then offers to help the ghost and they get to work.

Children are going to love this amusing picture, which is riddled with adventures and spooky doings. With wonderfully rich illustrations, a rhyming text, and a perfect ending, this is a great book to share with children who like magic and mysteries.