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Madeline in London

Madeline in London

Ludwig Bemelmans
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 7
Penguin, 2000   ISBN: 978-0140566499

Pepito, the son of the Spanish Ambassador, no longer lives next door to Madeline and the other little girls; he has moved with his family to live in the Spanish embassy in London. Of course Madeline and the other little girls are very sad to have lost their friend, but they are no where near as badly off as Pepito is. The poor boy misses Madeline and the others so much that he has lost weight and is quite miserable. In desperation, Pepito’s parents ask Madeline and the others to come and visit them in London.

What a wonderful adventure they are going to have. Of course, as so often happens with Madeline, things end up being even more adventurous than anyone imagined they would be. As a special surprise Miss Clavel, Madeline, and the others get Pepito a horse as a gift. Then, when Pepito and Madeline go for a ride on the horse, the creature runs away with them and what follows is a whirlwind tour of London with Miss Clavel and the little girls following in the wake of Madeline, Pepito and their wayward steed.

Every time Madeline does something, an adventure ensures. This wonderful tale is full of surprises, and it has a  highly satisfying ending that offers readers just one more surprise.

As they make their way through this story, readers will get a beautiful illustrated tour of London, including Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, double-decker buses, and more.