Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Lucy's Summer

Lucy's Summer

Donald Hall
Illustrator:  Michael McCurdy 
Picture Book
For ages 6 to 8
David R. Godine, 1994   ISBN: 978-1567923483

Lucy's summer is going to be full. It is also going to be different from past years because her mother has just started a little business of her own. She has a milliner's shop in the front parlor and the room is full of hat making ribbons, bows, feathers and more.

Lucy's mother makes the rounds of the homes in the neighborhood and she sells six of the summer hats that she made. She also has three old hats that she is going to "fix up" during the summer months in time for winter.

As soon as the garden starts producing, Lucy and her sister and mother start canning. They spend much of their time canning the beans, peas, tomatoes and other good things so that there will be plenty to eat during the winter months. This is not all they do though. There is a Fourth of July parade to see, photographs to be taken, and much more.

In this delightful picture book Donald Hall describes one summer that a turn-of-the-century child experiences. Based on the stories that his mother Lucy told him, this is a narrative that will take readers back in time. Wonderful woodcut prints perfectly compliment the delightful text.