Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews



Quentin Blake
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Peachtree Publishers, 2003   ISBN: 1561452823

One morning, just after a fierce wind storm, Angela Bowling sets off for the village. In addition to the usual fallen branches and leaves, Angela finds out that the wind has brought down a baby bird. Being a kind and softhearted woman, Angela decides that the little bird needs someone to look after it and she takes on the job.

Soon little “Augustus” is wrapped up in a shawl and a sweater and is being fed all sorts of food. One cannot help wondering whether the food Angela gives Augustus is suitable for a baby bird, but nevertheless, the bird seems to thrive on it. Angela gets a stroller to move her precious cargo about the village, and she buys him the best food available.

All this “best things to eat” business soon makes Augustus a very large bird indeed, and Angela has to build him a shed to live in. Moving him around in a stroller becomes a thing of the past. Then there is another big storm and something happens to Augustus that makes poor Angela Bowling realize that her precious “Loveykins” has changed a great deal.

In this funny and delightful book, Quentin Blake gives us a wonderful look at the simple and giving nature of a woman who is probably lonely and who needs someone to look after. He also shows us that we cannot keep a wild animal locked up forever, how it has to be free.