Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Look Who's There!

Look Who's There!

Martine Perrin
Novelty Board Book
for infants to age 3
Albert Whitman & Company, 2011   ISBN: 978-0807576762

Everywhere you look there are creatures hiding, and if you look hard enough you will find them. If you look under the table you may see a cat napping on a chair, and in the garden there is a beetle resting under a leaf. In a tree a little bird is peeking over the rim of a nest, and a dog is looking around a gate. In this unique and visually exciting board book, Martine Perrin invites little readers to find the hidden creatures that live in the colorful world that she has created.

On one page, there is a ladybug who is asking her sisters, “Who is that hiding behind the pretty red flower?” When we lift the die-cut flower, we see that there is a red butterfly hiding behind it. “Come fly with me!” the butterfly invites.

On the next page a pair of bees fly across the page. They are wondering who is hiding behind the spider’s web that they see in front of them. When we turn the die-cut web on the facing page, we see that there is a spider sitting behind it.

Using questions and answers, die-cut pages, and pictures of familiar creatures, Martine Perrin gives little children a unique seek-and-find experience.