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Look Closer: Reptiles

Look Closer: Reptiles

Sue Malyan
Nonfiction Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
DK, 2005   ISBN: 0756614341

Many people are rather nervous of reptiles, and they therefore keep their distance when they see one. The problem with this is that they never get close enough to these fascinating animals to be able to see how unique, interesting, and often beautiful they are. Now, thanks to this book, even the most determined herpetophobes (yes there is such a word) can take a closer look at reptiles without having to go anywhere near one.

In the book the author introduces us to nine reptile species that come from around the world. She shows us how uniquely adapted each one is to the environment it lives in. She also tells us what some of them eat, how they defend themselves if they are attacked, how big each animal is, and other facts.

On the page about the Madagascan day gecko we see that the gecko has strange scaly toes that help it to “run upside-down along the undersides of branches.” The gecko has such a long tongue that it can use it to wash its face after a meal. If it is attacked, the gecko, like many other lizard species, can drop off its tail as a diversionary tactic.

With bright color large format photos on every double spread, a simple text, and lots of interesting annotations, this is a great book for young readers who don’t have the opportunity to get nose to nose with turtles, snakes, lizards, and other reptiles.

This is one in a series of Look Closer books.