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Lola Loves Stories

Lola Loves Stories

Anna McQuinn
Illustrator:  Rosalind Beardshaw 
Picture Book
For ages 3 to 5
Charlesbridge, 2010   ISBN: 978-1580892599

Every Saturday Lola’s father takes her to the library. On this Saturday the library is very busy and there are lots of children looking for books, but Lola still manages to find some wonderful titles to take home with her.

When they get home Lola’s daddy reads the first story to her. It is a tale about a princess and it so inspires Lola that for the whole of Sunday Lola pretends that she is a fairy princess. She runs around in a pretty dress, wearing wings and a sparkly crown, and waving a wand.

That night Lola’s mother reads her a book about “an amazing journey,” and the next day Lola sets off on grand adventures and takes her stuffed animal friends with her. It is amazing how far an imagination can take a little girl who loves to travel.

The other books Lola is read all touch her in meaningful ways, inspiring her to celebrate friendships, to pretend to be a tiger and a farmer, and to work with her daddy to fix her little toy house.

Books have such a profound effect on children, giving them ideas for their games, encouraging them to try new things, and helping them stretch their creative and imaginative muscles. This sweet little picture book celebrates the gifts books bring children, and it will surely inspire them to take a trip to their local library to see what book gems they can find.