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Lola and Tiva: An unlikely friendship

Lola and Tiva: An unlikely friendship

Craig Hatkoff
For ages 4 to 8
Scholastic, 2010   ISBN: 978-0545207287

Lola is a baby rhinoceros who was born on a nature reserve in Kenya. Her mother is blind, and when Lola is still very little, the calf wanders off and gets lost. Thankfully, the rangers in the park find Lola and they bring her to live near Tiva’s house. Tiva’s father is a ranger, and he shows Tiva how to take care of the rhino calf. Tiva gives the calf milk to drink, she pulls insects off Tiva’s skin, and she even teaches the rhino how to wallow in a mud puddle.

Tiva has always wanted a puppy, and though Lola is not a dog, she does become very attached to Tiva. She follows Tiva around and she even begs for treats when Tiva is eating a meal with her family out in the garden. Who knew that a little girl and a baby rhino could be such good friends.

The charming true story in this book will give children a glimpse into the life of a child who shares her world with a very unusual animal. Children will learn a little about rhino behavior, and they will come to appreciate that friendship is something that can grow between two very different individuals.

Throughout the book, charming photos of Tiva and Lola compliment the simple text.