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LittleMissMatched's the artist in me!

LittleMissMatched's the artist in me!

Little MissMatched
Novelty Craft Kit
For ages 8 to 12
Workman Publishing Company, 2008   ISBN: 978-0761147657

Many of us love to draw. We find ourselves doodling on scraps of paper while we are talking to friends on the phone; we create cartoon illustrations of family members; and often we wish that we could create pictures that are more polished and professional looking. Use this kit to join LittleMissMatched on her artistic journey and there is a good chance that you will indeed learn all kinds of new techniques.

In the book in this kit LittleMissMatched begins by telling you about her own passion for art. Her father has taken her to many museums and she knows a fair bit about art history. It is useful for young artists to understand how art styles evolved, and LittleMissMatched tells the story of artists and the various art movements in a very interesting way. She also tells her readers about the things her art teachers have taught her.

Next LittleMissMatched begins to explore how to look at the art creating process in a new way. She has learned that almost all the famous artists began their journey by "mastering the basics of drawing" and this is what she is going to help you do. She has created some drawing exercises for you to try to help you "have fun with the fundamentals." The exercises will help you learn about space, proportions, movement, perspective, and more. There are so many things to try and to think about, and this is just in the first chapter!

In this excellent kit for budding young artists the engagingly written book is accompanied by a number of useful artist's tools including a sketchbook, some pastels, and a color wheel. The author uses a bouncy and easy-to-follow style of writing that is both amusing and extremely informative. Young artists will find that LittleMissMatched's style is just what they need to help them advance their artistic skills.