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Little Wolf's Book of Badness

Little Wolf's Book of Badness

Ian Whybrow
Illustrator:  Tony Ross 
For ages 6 to 8
Carolrhoda Books, 2001   ISBN: 978-1575055503

Little Wolf's parents are  worried that their little son is not bad enough; he is not living up to his wolf name. They therefore arrange for Little Wolf to attend his uncle's Cunning College in Frettnin Forest. It is a long walk to get to the college and Little Wolf has to go alone. Needless to say he is not keen to leave the safety and comfort of his home, but his parents stand by their decision and Little Wolf sets off. As he makes the long journey, Little Wolf writes to his parents. He describes the things he sees and the experiences he has, and he makes it pointedly clear that they should not have sent him away in the first place.

At last Little Wolf arrives at his uncle's school, and his uncle, Uncle BigBad, is as awful as Little Wolf feared. Uncle BigBad refuses to feed his one and only student, his temper is atrocious, and he has no interest in teaching Little Wolf the nine Rules of Badness. How will Little Wolf ever get his gold BAD badge if Uncle BigBad refuses to teach him these all-important rules?

Written in the form of letters - from Little Wolf to his parents - this entertaining story will have readers chuckling and giggling. Throughout the book the text is punctuated by comical little illustrations that show Little Wolf having his adventures. With its unexpected ending, this is a tale that shows that it does not pay to be really bad. Something dreadful often happens to those who live a life of true wickedness.