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Little Spider Finger Puppet Book

Little Spider Finger Puppet Book

For ages 2 to 4
Chronicle Books, 2007   ISBN: 978-0811861045

In a garden, perhaps in a place you don’t even know about, Little Spider weaves her web all day. Round and round she goes, using soft silk she “makes her bed” and in the evening it is dotted with “sequins” of dew.

In this sturdy little board book which is just the right size for small hands, little children will get to meet a busy little garden animal which they are very likely to see for themselves as they play outdoors. The spider is presented as being a hardworking non-threatening little creature, one which is to be admired and perhaps watched as she builds her web. Children will love the fact that they can not only play with the finger puppet but they can also look through the hole in the pages as each one is turned.

This is one in a series of Finger Puppet books.