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Little Red Train to the rescue

Little Red Train to the rescue

Benedict Blathwayt
Picture Book and audio CD  Series
For ages 3 to 6
Random House UK, 2007   ISBN: 978-1862303850

It is a wet and windy morning and Duffy Driver has to take the little red train out to deliver three trucks loaded with goods. They have barely left town when Duffy sees that there are animals on the railway line. He is just able to put on the brakes in time. Then he and the farmer get the animals back in the farmyard and the little red train is able to continue its journey. But not for long because when they come around another bend they find that the river has flooded. This time the little red train has to rescue some people who have been stranded when the river went over its banks. Surely now the journey can proceed smoothly?

But no, a great many adventures lie ahead of the little red train and it will be a while before the train and its precious load will arrive safely in Birchcombe village.

Fans of the little red train will be thoroughly delighted with this wonderful picture book and its accompanying CD. As always Benedict Blathwayt’s richly detailed illustrations will keep readers engrossed for minutes on end.

Richard Briers gives a rousing narration in the accompanying CD, and with its music and sound effects it provides readers with wonderful entertainment for a car ride or a rainy day.