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Little Rabbit Goes to School

Little Rabbit Goes to School

Harry Horse
Picture Book  Series
For ages 4 to 6
Peachtree Publishers, 2004   ISBN: 978-1561453207

Today is a special day, for today Little Rabbit is going to go to school for the first time. So, in a great state of excitement Little Rabbit gets his toy, Charlie Horse, ready for the big day. Soon he is following his brothers and sisters through the woods carrying his lunch and pulling Charlie behind him.

Little Rabbit soon discovers that school is a wonderful place. There is a problem though, and that problem is Charlie Horse. The toy is forever getting himself and Little Rabbit into trouble. Indeed Charlie Horse is such a pest that he has to spend some of the time on the teacher's desk and in the corner. When Little Rabbit's class make little cakes, Charlie Horse jumps into the cake batter and makes the most dreadful mess of things. Later the class goes on a nature walk and Charlie Horse manages to get himself and Little Rabbit lost in the woods. Poor Little Rabbit. He loves his toy and yet he really loves his school and his new friends as well. Can he have both?

Plucky Little Rabbit is sure to appeal to young readers who are making their own first forays into the world of "big kids." It is never easy setting aside babyhood and toddler playmates when the time comes to go to school, to make new friends, and to have new adventures. In this delightful book, Harry Horse helps ease his readers through this difficult time, showing them how compromises need to be made and how change, though sometimes scary, can also be great fun.

Beautifully detailed illustrations and a strong easy-to-relate-to protagonist makes this a picture book that children and their grown-ups will come back to again and again.