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Little Pig Joins the Band

Little Pig Joins the Band

David Hyde Costello
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 6
Charlesbridge Publishing, 2011   ISBN: 978-1580892643

Little Pig does not like being little, nor does he like being called Little Pig. He has a perfectly good name that no one uses. Why doesn’t anyone call him Jacob?

When Little Pig goes to Grandpa’s house Grandpa gets out his old marching-band instruments. Little pig tries to play the drums, but he is too short to manage it. He is also too little to play the trombone, the trumpet, or the tuba. His siblings Margie, Peter, Sally, and Tiny have no trouble playing the instruments, and poor Little Pig feels very left out. Though the older pig children can play the instruments, they do have one big problem. They cannot successfully play together like a proper band. Perhaps Little Pig has a role he can play after all.

Being the littlest child (or piglet) can be a trial. You so often get left out of all the fun because you are “too little,” and no one considers that you too can be a part of whatever is going on. Little children will therefore appreciate the fact that in this book, at least, the littlest child (piglet) finally gets his due.

With clever illustrations, tongue in cheek word puns, and a charming main character, this is a picture book that is sure to become a firm favorite with young children.