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Little Miss Spider: A Christmas Wish

Little Miss Spider: A Christmas Wish

David Kirk
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Callaway, 2001   ISBN: 978-0439314633

Little Miss Spider has a wish ? more than anything she wishes that she could have a friend. So, Little Miss Spider wishes on the Christmas tree star and with hope in her heart she goes out into the snowy outdoors to see if she can find a friend.

At first she is discouraged for she sees no one but then she meets Asparagus Beetle. Soon the two youngsters are having a wonderful time playing in the snow. Indeed they play together all day until dark falls. Asparagus then flies his new friend back home to her mother.

Little Miss Spider wishes that Asparagus didn't have to leave but he says that he has to "get home to my own family now." After he leaves sad Little Miss Spider is not able to enjoy the pretty Christmas tree and the gifts for "something was missing." What can done to make this a proper Christmas?

In this warm holiday story Little Miss Spider not only has her wish granted but her new friend also finds what he is looking for. Children will be able to see that sometimes the best gifts of all are not the kind that can be wrapped up in pretty paper and put under the tree. Truly the most priceless gifts of all are the gifts of love, friendship, and family