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Little Donkey's Wish

Little Donkey's Wish

Udo Weigelt
Illustrator:  Pirkko Vainio 
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 8
North-South Books, 2005   ISBN: 978-0735820326

Josie is the smallest and youngest donkey in the barn. She is also the one who is ignored a great deal and because she is so small the other donkeys in the stable sometimes tease her saying that she might not even be "a real donkey" after all.

It is Christmas Eve and the other donkeys are all telling one another what they would like to get for Christmas. Of course Josie also has Christmas wishes and one of them is very special and very secret. Poor Josie does not expect any of her wishes to come true though, especially the secret one.

Then something truly astonishing happens. A visitor arrives at the barn - a visitor wearing a red suit - and he is in need of help because one of his reindeer is too sick to work that night. Which of the donkeys in the barn is he going to choose to help him on this most important night of the year?

It is always hard being the smallest whether you are a child or a donkey and this book is clearly written for all those small people who have felt left out and ignored. Here is a tale especially written for the underdog (or underdonkey as the case my be) and with its warm feel and happy ending it is a book which will make many a small face light up with a smile.