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Little Croc's Purse

Little Croc's Purse

Lizzie Finley
Picture Book
For ages 5 to 7
Random House UK, 2010   ISBN: 978-1862309067

One day Little Croc is in the park playing hide and seek with his friends when he finds a large pink and white purse. Urged on by his friends, Little Croc opens the purse and he finds that it is full of money. The other crocodiles tell Little Croc that he should keep the purse, and that “No one returns things nowadays,” but Little Croc ignores them, and he sets off for the police station.

Along the way, Little Croc is tempted again and again to spend some of the money in the purse. He would like to give a charity collector a donation, and he sees a beautiful pair of boots in the window of his favorite shop that he would like to buy. Little Croc gets very thirsty as he carries the heavy purse through the streets, and he wishes he could buy himself a ice-cold lemonade with a little of the money. Would the owner mind if he bought himself a drink? Should he keep the purse after all?

In this quite charming picture book, Lizzie Finley explores the idea that honesty really is the best policy. Little children will sympathize as they watch Little Croc trying to come to terms with what he wants and what is right. They will be delighted to see how things turn out.

Charming multimedia illustrations and a loveable main character makes this story a must read for all young children.