Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Lion Spies a Tiger

Lion Spies a Tiger

Molly Coxe
For ages 5 to 7
Kane Press, 2019   ISBN: 978-1635921076

Lion and Spike the porcupine are at the library. Lion is reading about his species and he finds out that lions have excellent eyesight; apparently they can even see well in the dark. Lion decides to see for himself if the book is right. With Spike on his back, Lion ventures outside, where evening is falling.

Lion sees what he thinks are stars in the sky, but they turn out to be fireflies. He sees what he thinks are city lights, but they are actually lights on a sign that is advertising pizza.

Then Lion sees “two eyes and five stripes” and everyone knows that that can mean only one thing. There is a tiger in their midst! Lion does what a lion must do in such a situation. He attacks the tiger and battles it all night long.

When the sun rises Lion and Spike soon see that what Lion thought was a tiger was not a tiger at all. Poor lion. If he cannot see well, surely this must mean that he is not a lion at all.

This beginner reader book will delight children who are learning how to read on their own. The story is illustrated throughout with photos of felted animals that are posed in cunning little sets.