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Lily and Trooper’s Winter

Lily and Trooper’s Winter

Jung-Hee Spetter
Picture Book  Series
For ages 3 to 5
Front Street, 1995   ISBN: 978-1886910393

When Lily wakes up one morning she discovers that it has been snowing and everything is covered with a soft white snowy coat. As fast as they can be ready, Lily and her dog Trooper go outside to play. First they work on dressing up a snowman and then they go ice skating. Of course when you are new to skating it can be very tiring and soon enough the two best friends have to go inside to have a hefty meal.

Later they decide to try skiing which is also not as easy as it looks. After a warm up Trooper and Lily decide that they should do something about the poor snowman outside. After all if they got cold being outside, wouldn’t the snowman also feel cold?

Lily and her black and white dog are quite simply charming characters who are very real in that they make mistakes, fall down, get cold, and get hungry. Theirs is not a charmed life where everyone remembers that snowmen melt if they are brought indoors. Indeed, these two best friends are just like the rest of us which makes them accessible and easy to relate to.

Bright, flat paintings full of swirls and splashes of thick color compliment the spare text and young artists will be inspired to try their own hand at creating a Lily and Trooper picture.