Through the Looking Glass Children's Book Reviews

Lilly's Big Day

Lilly's Big Day

Kevin Henkes
Picture Book
For ages 4 to 8
HarperCollins, 2006   ISBN: 978-0060742362

Lilly's teacher, Mr. Slinger, is getting married soon and both he and Lilly have decided that it is going to be "the biggest day" in their lives. The reason why Lilly is so excited is that she is absolutely sure that she is going to be chosen to be the flower girl. Though her parents warn her that it is possible that Mr. Slinger may choose someone else for the honor, Lilly does not give up on her dream. She makes her hopes so obvious in fact that Mr. Slinger finally has to tell the little girl mouse that he has asked his niece Ginger to be the flower girl. Lilly's disappointment is so acute that kind-hearted Mr. Slinger appoints her to the position of ?flower girl assistant.?

Now Lilly is not the kind of mouse girl to allow such a setback to upset her. Lilly sets about convincing herself and everyone else that being the assistant to the flower girl is a very "important and glamorous" job. Determinedly the plucky little mouse practices her walk, chooses her dress, and keeps her head held high. As it happens, it is a very good thing that Lilly does practice her wedding walk for her skills end up being needed after all.

Any little girl who has dreamed of being a flower girl in a wedding will instantly identify with Lilly, a little mouse who does not give up on her dreams and who works hard to make the best of things, even when they don't quite work out the way she had hoped. With great aplomb and the best of diva grace, Lilly sweeps the floor, her red cowboy boots shining and her yellow tiara gleaming.

There can be no doubt that Kevin Henkes has once again created a Lilly tale which will delight readers of all ages. We can only hope that all our little girls will take on the challenges in life with Lilly's energy and determination.